Friday, October 22, 2010

Transitioning, Sticking to it!!

Hey Princesses!!
Let me explain this picture. This shot is a relaxed woman's nightmare! Look at all that new growth! This is me, 8 months into my transition. As you can see, I have a good 3 inches or so, of new growth. You can also see my stringy ends of relaxed hair, hanging on for dear life!! Handling two textures of hair, is what we encounter, while transitioning.
Transitioning to natural hair can be very difficult, but fun at the same time. The truth is, we have lost many of women during this very critical time! They decide they cannot "handle" their hair, and they go back to the creamy crack. I have done many "hair interventions" with friends:) "Step away from that perm, slowly, with your hands and gloves up!"
When that new growth comes, I know, it can be scary. After all, new growth has been our enemy. Yet, trust me transitioners, you will learn to welcome new growth, and realize it is very natural. Your hair should be growing!

When you are transitioning out of the relaxer, and back to your natural curls, you have to be creative in making your hair look great! After all, you are working with 2 textures of hair. Products will work differently on each texture of hair, giving you the threat of looking a hot, dusty mess. We can not have this princesses! Here are some basic guidelines, and helpful hints for transitioning.

When transitioning, the line where your natural and relaxed hair meet, is very fragile. It can break off quite easily. For this reason, I recommend limiting, or perhaps eliminating the use of direct heat. Some women choose to blend their curly new growth, with the remaining relaxed ends. To do this,they will flat iron or press their hair frequently. While this may be OK to do sometimes, it is not healthy to do regularly. If you choose to straighten your new growth, be sure to use some type of heat protectant product before straighting it. Yet, please remember: it's a good idea to get used to seeing yourself with curly looks anyway! Explore what your hair can do in this transition phase, without having to straighten it so frequently.

It may be pretty old school, but a great way to blend your new growth with the remaining relaxed ends is doing a roller set. Try satin rollers, or flexi ones you can find in beauty supply stores. Roller sets can last for days if you sleep with a satin bonnet on. This way, you are not manipulating your hair each day. This method is a great way to begin embracing a new, curly look that is coming for you! Plus, if you take your time and do a roller set correctly, you can create casual, and formal looks. Check this YouTube
video out for an example on how to roller set.

Transitioning is your time to educate yourself! Go on YouTube, find Natural Hair Meet Up Groups, Facebook Groups, etc. There are so many people out here in this journey, let's connect with each other. You can get style ideas , and tips that may make your transition easier than you ever imagined! There are also some great books out there about natural hair. Make sure to learn all you can about this subject! Caring for natural hair is totally different from caring for chemically treated hair. Become an expert in caring for your tresses, it's your Glory!!

Do you have any tips, or concerns about transitioning? Share them here!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weaves Gone Wild!

Hey Princesses,

To those who are sitting at their computers wearing a weave right now, please don't take offense by my title! It just kinda flowed, and was catchy, ok!? And sorry Wendy Williams, but this pic was just perfect for this entry, How you dooooin????

There are many viewpoints on wearing weaves, by different individuals. When women go natural, there are many who decide that along with the chemicals flying out of the door, so do the weaves. Natural is defined differently, by each of us. It could mean the elimination of chemicals only. It could also mean the elimination of chemicals, and any synthetic/human hair pieces or tracks.

During the transition period, (When we are growing our relaxers out) many choose to wear wigs, half wigs, braids, etc. to protect our fragile transitioning hair. After this, it is often a woman's last experience with weave. It is almost a release of all things artificial on our heads, chemicals, and hair that comes in baggies!

In my view, I have to say that if a woman chooses to pop on a wig occasionally, that does not make her less Natural than those of us who choose to stay away from extensions. If a woman wants to achieve that straight, swingy look without using a flat-iron, I say go for it. It at least saves your hair from potential heat damage. You can achieve the bone straight look without worrying about "sweatin' it out". I know you know what I mean! Worrying about working out, getting it wet in the shower, etc. At least weave won't "revert".

So how do you feel about this? Do you feel if you are Natural, and decide to get a few tracks, you are a victim of "Weaves Gone Wild?"