Sunday, August 11, 2013

Does Taking Care of Your Hair=Healthier Eating and Living?

Hey Princesses,
I recently had a discussion with about 5 or so other Natural Princesses, who said once they went natural, they began to be more conscious about what they were putting into their bodies. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, eating less processed foods and drinking more water. Ladies, does this apply to you? I will admit, when I first went natural, I too followed this path of all things natural. I went as far as no longer getting my gel manicures, using chemical free soaps and using earth friendly cleansers in my apartment. It created an entire movement for me, at the start. Yet, as I progress on my natural journey, I fell back into my old habits. Not being quite as fascinated by "all natural everything". I am not saying this is a good thing. As with many things, the initial excitement wore off. I returned to getting my nails done, and returned to my normal cleansers, which may not be so Earth friendly. Did you have this reaction when you first went natural? I sure did, and I have to admit, I am looking to find that same excitement again. It was a healthier, and frankly cheaper way to live in some aspects!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring/Summer Hair!

Hi Princesses,
Here in the Chicago area, we are plugging our way through winter, just waiting to do our wash and gos again! Just waiting to wash our hair in the morning, and leave out: without it freezing to our scalps in this blizzardy weather. Yes, I said blizzardy!
As naturals, we have the easy option, in the summer,to wash and go.  Basically, we wash our hair in the morning, put a curl defining product in it, and let it air dry. As a relaxed woman, I never had this option. I was so dependent on heat. Yet, now I can experiment with products and wash and go methods to style my hair.
Spring and summer are coming. I am excited about the new natural options we have. For example, the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle is a nice option for me. I love how soft it makes my hair. That is how I achieved the look in the picture.
I co-washed my hair, and put the Curling Souffle in very generously. I worked it through my hair, primarily with my fingers, and let it air dry for an hour. Then, I slicked it back into a tight bun to stretch it a bit.
What are some of your favorite wash and go products??


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Product Overload, Help!!!!!

Hey Princesses!
Are you noticing that the ethnic hair section in Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and other stores is starting to expand? Are you also noticing that this expansion often includes products that target "naturalistas" like us?  We are truly being targeted now. Every line is appearing to be the most natural, least harmful, most organic, and pure.
We as naturals have to be careful, and continue to read our labels:) Just because the packaging has leaves, green plants, and earthy images, does not make it natural! I believe the companies are trying very hard to jump on the natural bandwagon, to get our attention. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see companies paying more attention to us, but we must be careful! They could be taking advantage of us, and the huge natural movement that is going on right now.
Do your homework ladies! Whenever possible, try to experiment with your own home made products. This is the only true way to know what goes into your hair:)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Braid Out Burn Out

Hey Princesses,
I know this face is not fit for a princess, but uugggggghhh!! I feel like my hair has become immune to a successful Braid Out! Either the front is frizzy, the ends are fuzzy, one side is lumpy, one side is puffy, uuggghhhh!!! Normally I take such pride in my Braid Outs, it's how I wear my hair most times.  Yet lately, my hair has been actin' all funny! I have tried changing products, wetting it more,not wetting it, everything!!
Any tips would be most appreciated!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Hair Growth Outshines Gold, Really??

As everyone knows by now, Gabby Douglas  has brought home the gold! The first African American woman to win the individual all around gold in Gymnastics! How exciting! Most people are crying tears of joy, shoutin' and telling anyone who will listen. Yet, there are the few, the ridiculous, pathetic nuts, who have decided to take the opportunity to hate.....on her hair!!! The worst tweet I have read so far goes like this..."Jesus, be a hot comb for Gabby, Amen!"......My friends, you have just read the official "Prayer of Ignorance".

What you are reading right now is a natural hair blog, called N.A.P.P. That stands for Natural and Proud Princesses. Here at N.A.P.P we are proud of our kinky curly hair. So naturally, I am taking great offense to this mess. Now, Gabby's hair is certainly natural at the roots, we can clearly see that. It looks like some extensions are in as well. When she sweats, obviously her roots will's what happens, period!! It's called hair, big deal! She's gorgeous!!

It is so sad that most of this criticism and hair haterism has been coming from African Americans! African American women at that! It is so embarrassing. When Kim Zmeskal won all of her medals in the 90's, did we see any white people talking about her hair, or high pitched voice? No, they stayed focused. They focused on the accomplishment. Why don't we try that!!

Her "new growth" DOES NOT outshine her GOLD!! Get over it sistas and brothas, and stop embarrassing us!! Stop belittling our entire race with this crap!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oprah don' lost her Natural Mind!! YAAAY!!

Hi Princesses!!!!
Well, the diva of all things gla-mour, the queen of all things upscale, the CEO of all of everybody's favorite things, has shown us her hair "in it's natural state" as Oprah puts it. This is the upcoming cover of O Magazine. We have gotten sneek peaks of her natural hair before. Yet, it's always been blown out fairly straight. This look is tight and curly.

Well, my first impression of this picture was, woow!! I am happy to see her ditch the layers and bone straight  look, for curls. However, I must say, it looks a little 1990's to me. Sorry!!! I have an urge to sing an En Vouge or SWV hit!  Sorry O!!!! Even 1980's.  I do believe she took a photo from her favorite Pointer Sisters Album Cover and said " Andre, make me look like this!"  "Jump,Jump, for my luuv!"  Ok, I'm done...;)

I joke, but this is a nice change! With all of the straightening she does on a daily basis, I wonder how she prevents massive heat damage to her tresses??

What do you think? Some are saying there were some curling irons or pieces used to get this look. Share your thoughts!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review Time!!

Hello Princesses!

Does everyone out there have a staple product that you just love?? I do! Everyone who knows me, knows I love me some Kinky Curly Curling Custard, to define my curls. I love saying the name, as much as I love using it! Yet, we all should try and expand our product use, to see what else is out there. I did this, and I have a report. Product: Twisted Sista, by Urban Therapy. I should have known just by the name, that they were trying waaaay too hard! Here are my thoughts.

This is supposed to be a "curl activator". It reads "cream moisturiser to activate curls & eliminate frizz". Twisted Sista claims that it will put life back into your naturally curly, afro or permed hair.

Ok, I am very sad to say that it did not deliver this for me. It made my hair pretty crunchy. Also, my curls were not really defined. It tamed my hair a bit, but nothing too significant. Also, the product does not rub in that well. I had a lot of residue left in my hair.

As for the scent, ladies, it kinda smells like a hair remover! A little like Nair!! As in "Who wears short shorts...!". Not the best thing to smell when you are trying to get cute. Also, it has a ton of chemical ingredients that I can't pronounce. Long words like mqyelrepperpoliptide #3, Shnvyeornpupoopoo, and Mamasaymamasahmamacusah Hexyll. Ok, so maybe not the exact ingredients list, but close!

Long and short of it, I really did not like this product, at all. NOT to say it won't love your hair. Yet, as for me and my crowning glory, we did NOT get along. Have you tried it? What do you think??