Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Natural Princesses,

New Years Eve hair challenges have led many of us back down the road of Creamy Crack. During this crucial time of year, we have to support each other. Exchange ideas with each other, share new products, and stay focused on the ultimate goal: Healthy Hair!!

So, how is everyone doing with their natural tresses this holiday season? Do you remember a time when getting your hair done, almost always meant some type of straightening? I do! That used to be the basis of all of my really “done up” hair styles. Now naturals, many of us have a completely new outlook on this. For me, I still believe in having formal hairstyles, specifically for the holidays. Yet, it no longer means having bone straight hair. I could of course, flatten my hair with an, or pressing comb, and still achieve a straight, formal look. Yet, for this entry, I thought we could talk about different ways of working with our natural texture, for holiday styles. You can still have just as many different choices, but working with your own texture. Wearing natural hair up into a cute bun is super cute for the holidays. Wearing your natural curls down is also an option, maybe using some handmade or store bought accessories.
Remember, get creative!! As the picture shows (courtesy of thirstyroots.com), doing multiple buns and twists can be so elegant!

So, do you all still feel as “done up”, wearing your hair in its’ natural texture for formal events, such as New Years Eve Celebrations? Share your thoughts here!