Sunday, August 11, 2013

Does Taking Care of Your Hair=Healthier Eating and Living?

Hey Princesses,
I recently had a discussion with about 5 or so other Natural Princesses, who said once they went natural, they began to be more conscious about what they were putting into their bodies. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, eating less processed foods and drinking more water. Ladies, does this apply to you? I will admit, when I first went natural, I too followed this path of all things natural. I went as far as no longer getting my gel manicures, using chemical free soaps and using earth friendly cleansers in my apartment. It created an entire movement for me, at the start. Yet, as I progress on my natural journey, I fell back into my old habits. Not being quite as fascinated by "all natural everything". I am not saying this is a good thing. As with many things, the initial excitement wore off. I returned to getting my nails done, and returned to my normal cleansers, which may not be so Earth friendly. Did you have this reaction when you first went natural? I sure did, and I have to admit, I am looking to find that same excitement again. It was a healthier, and frankly cheaper way to live in some aspects!