Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natural Hair and Dating

Ladies, it's a new day. Hair comes in all shades, lengths, prices, and yes, TEXTURES! Some of these variations can be found all in one head of hair! One of the concerns a woman may have before deciding to go natural, is the male reaction. How will men react to my non "Optimum Cared", non "Dark and Lovelied" hair?? Due to the images that saturate the media (including music videos), we are being led to think there is only one form of hair beauty. It's easy to believe that men will only find straight, 'blowing in the wind' hair, attractive. Ladies, this is not the case! There are men out there who absolutely adore natural hair, who prefer it, in fact. Yet, there are also some who do not adore it, and may be rather obnoxious in sharing that. Let me share one of my "Horrific Hair Ignorance" stories with my natural sisters.


Imagine meeting a man who seems to have it all, for you. He's doing all of the right things, thus far. He's complimentary, smart, and "has it together" as we like to say. Anyway, this was my scenario. Well, one day, I was having a great "getting to know you" conversation with *Keith. (*Names have been changed to protect the stupid) Anyway, we talked about everything from spirituality, to favorite foods. And then, Keith says, "Oh yeah, I had meant to ask you. Do you think this 'hair thing' is just a phase?". He says that while pointing to my hair, and making a scrunched up face. OK, ladies, just the delivery was a hot, dumb mess. "Hair Thing??" What's worse, he was dead serious. So after that, and discovering other unflattering things about him, we parted ways. I grabbed my Shea butter and wide tooth comb, and stomped out of there! LOL

This is a prime example of a man, not accepting you for you. It's hair, it doesn't make you. The thing is, if a man has that much of an issue with hair, it shows a very shallow side of him. This will cause serious problems in the future. There is nothing wrong with men having a hair preference, but to down talk a woman, or negatively pressure her to change it, is not right! Have you had some ridiculous comments in dating situations, which helped you to weed out the shallow? Share them here!! We must support each other.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kinky Curly Curling Custard-My Staple Product!!

Hey Naturals, and those interested in our journey! My name is Kimberly, and this is my very first post, so let's jump right in! To find out more about me, click on "About the Blogstress:)". It is my hope that you continue to read, follow me, and share highlights from your journey.

To begin this blog, I wanted to share what my staple product is, Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Please, oh please visit this website. This product is sooo worth the money. (About $29, but it lasts a long time!!) It is an all natural product, designed to bring out the natural curl pattern in your hair. I have been using the Kinky Curly Curling Custard since I went completely natural in March of 2009. Let me tell you, it is fa-bu-lus! Kinky Curly has an entire line that includes the Custard (The main piece of this line), shampoo, a detangler, Gloss Pomade, and more.
My Results! I have several textures in my hair, mainly 4, and about 3b and c.

How I achieved this look:
I co-washed my hair, then applied the KCCC, and combed it through in about 8 sections with a wide-tooth comb. I then wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for a few hours to dry. After removing the t-shirt, I used my blow dryer on COOL, for about 2 minutes to get the remaining water drips out. This look remained in super good shape, for the next 3 days. Now day 3, I put it up in a puff, but it was still hot! Naturals, we can stretch a style out, and work it!! Try it, try it, try it!!