Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Natural In The Corporate World

Hey Princesses!!!

There are natural women everywhere! We are everywhere you look these days! We have a million different occupations including retail, service, medical, ministry, and yes, CORPORATE! Yes, us, AND our hair, are all up in your face in the corporate world!! Now initially, it was completely frowned upon to walk into an office setting, with a natural hairstyle. After all, professional has been long considered to be bone straight, conservative hair. Now, we are expanding the definition of professional, and proving that professional goes well beyond the layered, relaxed look. There are so many ways we can wear our hair, and should not feel pressured to have it straightened each time we enter our offices! That would be a true challenge, especially for those of us who shy away from direct heat.

I have worked in a corporate setting for most of my career. For the past 4 years, I have worked in a Business Formal office setting. I do not straighten my hair for work. Not even for "Big" meetings. I experiment with different styles, and have found that professional looks CAN be achieved on our hair, in its' curly texture. Does anyone watch the VH1 reality show "What Chilli Wants"? The most recent episode included a scene of Chilli in an office with her Psychologist, and the Dr. was proudly wearing a Puff. You gotta love that!! You have to know that what counts, is NEAT and CLEAN hair. Not necessarily the texture. Make sure to go on the internet and explore different styles. Ask friends, go to blogs and YouTube natural hair. Also, please visit What a fantastic resource for style ideas!!

The picture shown is of me at work. I am standing next to the boss. The big boss. (I have cropped him out, as he is an elected official and may not appreciate me just using his likeness all over my blog:). Anyway, I am wearing a braid out. I tend to wear my hair like this, or in a basic puff for work. Ladies, natural hair is appropriate for all settings!! Have you ever experienced issues in your place of work, due to your natural tresses? Share your stories here!