Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review Time!!

Hello Princesses!

Does everyone out there have a staple product that you just love?? I do! Everyone who knows me, knows I love me some Kinky Curly Curling Custard, to define my curls. I love saying the name, as much as I love using it! Yet, we all should try and expand our product use, to see what else is out there. I did this, and I have a report. Product: Twisted Sista, by Urban Therapy. I should have known just by the name, that they were trying waaaay too hard! Here are my thoughts.

This is supposed to be a "curl activator". It reads "cream moisturiser to activate curls & eliminate frizz". Twisted Sista claims that it will put life back into your naturally curly, afro or permed hair.

Ok, I am very sad to say that it did not deliver this for me. It made my hair pretty crunchy. Also, my curls were not really defined. It tamed my hair a bit, but nothing too significant. Also, the product does not rub in that well. I had a lot of residue left in my hair.

As for the scent, ladies, it kinda smells like a hair remover! A little like Nair!! As in "Who wears short shorts...!". Not the best thing to smell when you are trying to get cute. Also, it has a ton of chemical ingredients that I can't pronounce. Long words like mqyelrepperpoliptide #3, Shnvyeornpupoopoo, and Mamasaymamasahmamacusah Hexyll. Ok, so maybe not the exact ingredients list, but close!

Long and short of it, I really did not like this product, at all. NOT to say it won't love your hair. Yet, as for me and my crowning glory, we did NOT get along. Have you tried it? What do you think??

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