Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oprah don' lost her Natural Mind!! YAAAY!!

Hi Princesses!!!!
Well, the diva of all things gla-mour, the queen of all things upscale, the CEO of all of everybody's favorite things, has shown us her hair "in it's natural state" as Oprah puts it. This is the upcoming cover of O Magazine. We have gotten sneek peaks of her natural hair before. Yet, it's always been blown out fairly straight. This look is tight and curly.

Well, my first impression of this picture was, woow!! I am happy to see her ditch the layers and bone straight  look, for curls. However, I must say, it looks a little 1990's to me. Sorry!!! I have an urge to sing an En Vouge or SWV hit!  Sorry O!!!! Even 1980's.  I do believe she took a photo from her favorite Pointer Sisters Album Cover and said " Andre, make me look like this!"  "Jump,Jump, for my luuv!"  Ok, I'm done...;)

I joke, but this is a nice change! With all of the straightening she does on a daily basis, I wonder how she prevents massive heat damage to her tresses??

What do you think? Some are saying there were some curling irons or pieces used to get this look. Share your thoughts!

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