Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Hair Growth Outshines Gold, Really??

As everyone knows by now, Gabby Douglas  has brought home the gold! The first African American woman to win the individual all around gold in Gymnastics! How exciting! Most people are crying tears of joy, shoutin' and telling anyone who will listen. Yet, there are the few, the ridiculous, pathetic nuts, who have decided to take the opportunity to hate.....on her hair!!! The worst tweet I have read so far goes like this..."Jesus, be a hot comb for Gabby, Amen!"......My friends, you have just read the official "Prayer of Ignorance".

What you are reading right now is a natural hair blog, called N.A.P.P. That stands for Natural and Proud Princesses. Here at N.A.P.P we are proud of our kinky curly hair. So naturally, I am taking great offense to this mess. Now, Gabby's hair is certainly natural at the roots, we can clearly see that. It looks like some extensions are in as well. When she sweats, obviously her roots will's what happens, period!! It's called hair, big deal! She's gorgeous!!

It is so sad that most of this criticism and hair haterism has been coming from African Americans! African American women at that! It is so embarrassing. When Kim Zmeskal won all of her medals in the 90's, did we see any white people talking about her hair, or high pitched voice? No, they stayed focused. They focused on the accomplishment. Why don't we try that!!

Her "new growth" DOES NOT outshine her GOLD!! Get over it sistas and brothas, and stop embarrassing us!! Stop belittling our entire race with this crap!


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